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​Our residential service relieves you of the chore of picking up after the pooch.  You deserve to enjoy your pet and not be hassled with the mess. Relax and let us handle the dirty work.

Our Services

Residential Service Includes

  • Courtesy Per-Service text or call (Optional)
  • Clean tools & hand/foot barriers to prevent spread of disease
  • Removal of Pet Waste from designated predetermined area
  • Disposal of all Pet Waste offsite and not in your trash can
  • Secured fence gates
  • Courtesy Post-Service text or call (Optional)

The Quote 
We're on Doodie will meet you at your home and complete an on site survey.  We want to get to know you and your family prior to our first service.  Trust is a very important component of the relationship.  Once the survey is complete you will receive a professional quote​​.  After we agree to terms we are ready to begin service.

The Initial Clean Up

The Initial Clean Up is our very first service in your yard and usually takes longer than subsequent services due to accumulation.
The price for the initial service starts at $45.00. 

Weekly Residential Service

  • 1 Dog......................$14.00/Service
  • 2 Dogs....................$16.00/Service
  • 3 Dogs....................$18.00/Service

Twice a Week Residential Service

  • 1 Dog......................$12.00/Service 
  • 2 Dogs....................$14.00/Service 
  • 3 Dogs....................$16.00/Service

As Needed Service

​Our As needed Service is meant for customers that do not want to be on a regular schedule and only need pet waste removal from time to time.  The price for As Needed Service starts at $45.00

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  • You are only charged for the services that are completed
    • Example: You are not charged for services we miss a due to inclimate weather
  • Invoices are emailed at the 1st of each month and are due on the 15th
  • ​We're on Doodie accepts cash, checks and all major credit cards as payment
  • There is a link on each invoice for quick and easy online payment
  • We're on Doodie can keep a credit card on file and debit the account each month


Commercial Pet Waste Management

We're on Doodie will develop a custom Pet Waste Management Plan for your neighborhood, HOA or apartment community.  We have nearly 10 years experience working with HOA boards and property management companies in the Atlanta Metro Area.  Weather we are installing a new plan or maintaining an existing one, We're on Doodie is the solution.

Commercial Pet Waste Management Includes

  • Onsite Survey
  • Presentation of pet waste station options
  • Delivery of a professional estimate of services
  • Agreement of terms 
  • Schedule of work to be completed by We're on Doodie.  Never a subcontractor.

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Residential Service

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Residential Services